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Introducing a new book full of innovative and experimental puzzles. Written specifically to contrast today's hastily thrown together books of recycled puzzles, Last Train to Puzzleville is full of alternative puzzles, crossword history, and some general crossword weirdness. This isn't your average puzzle book. Highlights include:

  • 50 Tuesday-difficulty themed puzzles
  • 20 slightly harder unthemed puzzles
  • 30 mini puzzles
  • 10 arrow word puzzles
  • 10 marching bands style puzzles
  • Other crossword fun and surprises
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Crossword puzzles aren’t just for eggheads and word nerds any more.

I’m Kurt, and my goal is to close the gap between crossword constructor and solver. I write puzzles on topics that I am passionate about, meant for solvers of any ability. I hope you enjoy them.

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Need a hint? Maybe some crossword-solving music?

Here is a playlist of all 430 songs referenced in Punk Rock Crossword Puzzles:

Want to know more? Email me at kurt.siefken@gmail.com
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